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For the purposes of these pages, "modelling" materials refer to materials designed for manipulating and moulding directly with the hands, and can be divided into three categories:

  • traditional clay and clay substitutes – these tend to dry out, and can be either allowed to dry out permanently, or can be kiln- or oven-fired to make them permanent
  • modelling wax, and
  • "non-drying" clay substitutes (typified by Plasticine), which typically combine a powder base with some sort of oil-based lubricant, along with other additives.

The popular 'Play-Doh is more difficult to categorise, as it's water-based, and isn't intended to dry out ... but does (which is why it's supplied in airtight tins or tubs). Because of this, Play-Doh isn't usually considered a serious modelling material (but is still a legitimate "toy").


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