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1919 -     

Nodor was founded in ~1919 to produce a new type of modelling clay invented by Ted Legatt that – unlike the popular existing product Plasticine – was smell-free ("no-odor").


A few years later (~1923), Nodor had the idea of using modelling clay to make dartboards, as a lower-maintenance replacement for the then-standard wooden dartboards. This didn't catch on, and Nodor switched to making conventional wooden boards, presumably to make the most of their earlier marketing work on the dartboard market. Bizarrely, this paid off, as they were then approached by Frank Dabbs with of a way of making dartboards out of bound sisal bristle. Dabbs and Legatt applied for a patent in 1932, and were granted it in 1934.

The new bristle dartboards appeared in ~1935 and were a great improvement on wood, as they didn't need to be dunked in water each night to make the dart-holes close up again ("NEEDS NO SOAKING!"). They rapidly became the default type of board, with Nodor (and competitor Winmau, after Nodor's patent expired) becoming two of the biggest names in British dartboard manufacturing. Nodor eventually took over Winmau in 2002.

1934 patent:

Patent GB407336: A surface adapted for the reception of pointed articles, for example, a dart, drawing or notice board, is formed of hairs, bristles, fibres, &c. A compressed into a bundle by a retaining band B and arranged endwise on for the reception of the pointed article. A backing board C may be provided, and the bristles &c. may be impregnated with a binding agent, for example oil or rubber solution.

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