Joymold Wax Modelling

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Joymold Wax Modelling

1930s -     

Joymold Wax Modelling sets were produced by Kliptiko Ltd., and included wax and a set of themed moulds.

The sets available in 1939 were Navy, Animal, Village, Castle and Farm.

1939 advertising text:

A Novel Angle In Wax Modelling

Joymold Wax Modelling is a wonderful invention. So simple is modelling with the special moulds provided that the smallest child can make a entire village complete with trees, fences, hedges and animals in natural colours. Boys may mould a navy of as many battleships, destroyers, and submarines as they wish, as well as castles with towers, archways and walls, where armies of toy soldiers may be placed on parade. There is no end to the fun you can have with Joymold. Choose one of these outfits for hours of fun. Four sets at 2s. 6d. – navy, animal, village, castle. One set at 5s. – farm set, complete with moulds.

— , Kliptiko Limited, , Games and Toys, , November 1939