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1914 -     

We think that Harbutt's probably introduced Play-Wax in 1914, as we have 1914 advertising that describes it as "new". Then again, 1916 advertising still describes it as "new", so the company seems to have considered "new" to be a slightly elastic concept ... leaving open the possibility that it might have appeared earlier than 1914.

Harbutt's PLAY-WAX

THAT beautiful new modelling material, absolutely clean, and free from oil or grease, can be used by little convalescents in bed, in the nursery, or in the drawing-room with perfect safety. Nothing better for modelling flowers and small animals, and when a model is finished it sets quite hard and can be handled freely.

ATTRACTIVE BOXES, each containing assorted colours, 1/4 and 2/5 post free. Or by the lb. in any one colour, 1/9 postage 4d.

— , Harbutt's Plasticine, , The Strand Magazine, , ~1916

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