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Betta Bilda

The Betta Bilda No.1 Set

The Betta Bilda No.1 Set [image info]

Betta Bilda from Airfix was essentially another Lego clone, but like Meccano's "Cliki", it included a few technical innovations of its own. Betta Bilda is chiefly remembered for its solution to the problem of how to build slanted roofs using a block-based model - Betta Bilda's approach was to use plastic roof tiles that slotted together using a peg-and-hole arrangement that was not too dissimilar to real tile fixings. The other distinctive aspect of the Betta Bilda roof tiles was that they were green.

Other than the green roof tiles, the sets tended to stay with the same basic colour scheme used by Lego - white for the more generic blocks commonly used for walls, and red for window and door components.

Accessory packs (incomplete listing)

  • 2Singles, white, 50 pieces
  • 4Bases, white, 7 pieces
  • 5Doors and Windows, white, 15 pieces
  • 6Gable Ends, white, 11 pieces
  • 7Tiles, red, 75 pieces
  • 8Roofing Accessories (Dormer), green, 44 pieces
  • 9Assorted Bricks, clear, 54 pieces
  • 11Wheel Accessories, white, 22 pieces
  • 12Curved Bricks, white, 54 pieces
  • 14Wall Units, red, 11 pieces

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