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Betta Bilda Building Sets

1961 - 1974

The Betta Bilda standard range consisted of four main sets and a starter set, which could be supplemented by the accessory packs.

Users wanting further options were encouraged to add the Engineering sets or Engineering accessory packs.

Starter Set

Supplied in a hexagonal card tube.

"First set in the standard range – with enough bricks, tiles, doors and windows to make small buildings."

No.1 Set

"This set now includes a large base and enough standard bricks, doors, windows and tiles to build the type of models illustrated."

No.2 Set

"Even more parts to make bigger and better models. Now contains wheels and 20-stud beams for building lorries, etc., as well as standard bricks, doors, windows and tiles."

No.3 Set

"With this, the older boy or girl can construct larger models. The 20-stud beams are especially useful for building cranes and bridges."

No.4 Set

"This entirely new set contains a powerful 4-wheel drive motor unit which together with the other components in the set enable exciting remote control vehicles to be constructed."

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