Base (Betta Bilda Engineer Accessory 7)

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Base (Betta Bilda Engineer Accessory 7)

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A boxed Base, Betta Bilda Engineer Accessory number 7, made by Airfix in the late 1960s.


The pack contains just a single base unit (Betta Bilda Engineer part 17), along with an Airfix complaints slip.


Part 17 is one of the most useful general-purpose parts in the Engineer range: a light grey plastic "block" piece that makes an ideal chassis for a vehicle.

The chassis block has three large equally-spaced holes along the two long sides, two more large holes on each of the two short sides, and three threaded holes in a line along the centre of the upper surface, and the unuused parts of the upper surface is also acattered with studs to mate with "standard" Betta Bilda bricks.

The block with its through axle holes makes it ver simple to make a larger Betta Bilda vehicle using the large "Engineer" wheels, with either "standard" or "Engineer" superstructure, and is also a quick way to connect shafts to a larger mechanism.