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Ambulance Station

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== this section may refer to an older museum exhibition that is no longer on display ==

A large display of around two hundred items dedicated to model ambulances and related items was on display until November 2020.

A unique collection of prewar and post-war toys representing intriguing aspects of the Red Cross and other services spanning over a century of its history and development. The display contains a great variety of ambulances from many countries and different eras, as well as badges, certificates and other miscellany.

The Red Cross (and Red Crescent)

The Red Cross owes its formal beginnings to the experience and vision and of a young Swiss, Jean Henri Dunant, who instituted an international movement resulting in the first Geneva Convention, of 1864. The simple short-limbed red cross on a white background (an inversion of the Swiss flag) now serves as a symbol of relief and care in Western Europe and the Americas for victims of both war and peacetime disasters. After World War Two, the International Committee of the Red Cross found itself increasingly operating in other countries where the symbol's implicit reference to the Swiss flag and neutrality was less well understood, and where a red cross against white had unfortunate historical associations (with invading Crusaders), so in these countries, the ICRC operates as the Red Crescent. Since 2005, the ICRC has also sometimes used a third symbol, the diamond shaped Red Crystal, in situations where both of the more usual symbols are considered problematic. While the last two letters of "ICRC" can now be understood as standing for either "Red Cross" or "Red Crescent", in the interests of neutrality the central organisation's four-character name is no longer officially an abbreviation of anything, and is simply "ICRC".

Other organisations

The St John's Ambulance Service (SJA) was founded in 1887, shortly after the St Andrews First Aid service (1882), which has a corresponding role (first aid, first aid ambulances, and training) in Scotland. Fans of the Doctor Who tv series may also recognise the St John's symbol from a badge on the front of the TARDIS (since the sign appeared on police boxes).


Amongst the display of First World War German and British military figures is a small group of rare German-made almost two-dimensional figures (referred to as "flats") displaying a white cross on a black background, the original St. Johns Cross, indicating that these figures are from the last century. All the other figures in this section are made from either lead or are composite figures made, believe it or not, from wire frames, sawdust and glue. Uncommon examples from Lineol (German) and Britains (British) are displayed. Note the use of an Alsatian dog on a medical mission.

There are examples from many other nations, including more modern examples such as the model of an Emergency Ward 10 hospital from the TV series of the 1960s and 70s and Action Man in medical guise.


Every conceivable vehicle has been employed in the service of the Red Cross. From early horsedrawn medical coaches to hospital ships and helicopters, from speedboats and ambulance-train carriages to all kinds of trains, planes and automobiles, even an inflatable dinghy, represented here in a comprehensive range of toys and models representing everything to do with medical services. Compare the early tin-plate jalopies of the 1920s to the extravagant limousines from the USA.


... at the end of the display period, November 2020

  • Ambulance – Britains Ltd., Army ambulance cast in lead with original box
  • Ambulance – Britains Ltd., Lead ambulance with driver and original box. Volunteer corps, motor type, UK
  • Ambulance – Budgie Kit Daimler ambulance (white), UK
  • Ambulance – Budgie, Daimler Ambulance, off-white, UK
  • Ambulance – Charbens, cast lead, UK, pre war
  • Ambulance – Charbens, cast lead, yellow, UK, pre war
  • Ambulance – Denys Fisher Toys/Mego
  • Ambulance – Denys Fisher Toys/Mego
  • Ambulance – Dibro, cream, tin, UK, 1950
  • Ambulance – Eligor, green U.S army ambulance with white star on the side, France
  • Ambulance – Eligor, green U.S. army ambulance. Possibly a Ford Model A, France
  • Ambulance – Eligor, white ambulance with green cross on the door and green wheels. Possibly a Citroen, France
  • Ambulance – Fun Ho, 35, die cast, New Zealand
  • Ambulance – Gama, tinplate, Germany, 1955
  • Ambulance – Glamtoy, GTP 510, tin, number plate marked "GTP 510", UK
  • Ambulance – Guisval, Hotel Provincial Ambulance, Spanish "Ambulancia" ambulance with "Hospital Provincial" on the side, Spain
  • Ambulance – Heros, white wooden Ambulance. Possibly made by Heros, Germany
  • Ambulance – Kellerman, CKO ambulance. "Notruff 40200" VW van. Tinplate with push & go mechanism, Germany
  • Ambulance – Lego 6688, 1985
  • Ambulance – Lego 6523, 1987
  • Ambulance – Lego, white
  • Ambulance – Lesney, Matchbox Super Kings K65, Ambulance "Emergency Rescue" ambulance, UK
  • Ambulance – Lesney, Matchbox Super Kings, Dodge B, Ram Van, UK, 1979
  • Ambulance – Lone Star, Green military ambulance, UK
  • Ambulance – Lonestar Flyers 20, VW ambulance, UK, circa 1970
  • Ambulance – Majorette, Toy Ambulance. White with blue roof and star on the bonnet. 'SOS 2331515' on the side as well as an orange stripe, France
  • Ambulance – Marx Toys, tin ambulance, USA, 1930s
  • Ambulance – Meccano Ltd., Dinky 253, Daimler Ambulance, UK, 1954-1964
  • Ambulance – Meccano Ltd., Dinky 253, Daimler Ambulance, UK, 1954-1964
  • Ambulance – Meccano Ltd., Dinky 820, Renault Military Ambulance, French Dinky, Renault Military Ambulance, UK, 1959
  • Ambulance – Meccano Ltd., Dinky 288, Superior Cadillac Ambulance, UK, 1974
  • Ambulance – Meccano Ltd., Dinky 277, Superior Criterion Ambulance
  • Ambulance – Meccano Ltd., Dinky 267 Superior Cadillac Ambulance
  • Ambulance – Meccano Ltd., Dinky 556, Citroen Ambulance, French Citroen 1D19 Ambulance "Ambulance Municpale" on the side, UK, 1962
  • Ambulance – Meccano Ltd., Dinky 267, Paramedic Truck, Paramedic Truck from the T.V. series "Emergency Squad" in 1972-79, UK, 1970s
  • Ambulance – Mertrade, MG1398, friction drive ambulance, Hong Kong
  • Ambulance – Mettoy, Corgi 406, Mercedes Bonner Ambulance, German "Krankenwagen" Version, 1981
  • Ambulance – Mettoy, Corgi 406, Mercedes Bonner 2500 Ambulance 91775 # 406 series with "St Bartholomew's Hospital Mobile Coronary Ambulance" on the side
  • Ambulance – Mettoy, Corgi Mercedes Bonner 2500 Ambulance with Danish "Falck" details, UK
  • Ambulance – Mettoy, Corgi Cubs R511. Ambulance toy, UK, 1977
  • Ambulance – Mettoy, Corgi, Green military ambulance, UK
  • Ambulance – Mettoy, tin friction drive ambulance toy with registration "A3005"
  • Ambulance – Milton, Dark green military ambulance. "A Milton Product" marked on base, UK
  • Ambulance – Nakamura, 1950s miniature ("Baby Car Set") pressed tin toy Ambulance. Possibly made by Nakamura toys, Japan
  • Ambulance – Ne-Kur, Turkish ambulance. Red Crescent to side and roof with tinprinted interior, Turkey
  • Ambulance – Polistil, l Landrover ambulance "Croce Rosse Militaire" (Red Cross), Italy
  • Ambulance – Polistil, Dodge, white U.S. Ambulance with orange stripe and blue EMS 'Star of Life' on the side, Italy
  • Ambulance – Quiralu, Citroen 1D19 ambulance toy. White with red cross on the roof, France
  • Ambulance – Schabak, 1043, Volkswagen Caravelle Syncro Ambulance
  • Ambulance – Schuco, 3042, tin ambulance, 1945-9
  • Ambulance – Sesame, Tinplate and plastic friction drive white ambulance, France
  • Ambulance – Skoda, 1203, Large, plastic, Czech
  • Ambulance – Solido, "U.S. Marines" ambulance with a blue body and a white top, France
  • Ambulance – Solido, Army tank ambulance. Green with red crosses on white squares, France
  • Ambulance – Solido, Cadillac ambulance, "Manhattan Fire Brigade" markings on side, France
  • Ambulance – Solido, 4042, "Denver" ambulance, France
  • Ambulance – Solido, Citroen C4 ambulance with "Centrale Sanitaire Internationale" on the side, France
  • Ambulance – Solido, Mercedes Benz Unimog red fire ambulance with 'Notruf 112' on the side, France
  • Ambulance – Superior Criterion Ambulance with flashing lights (1962), UK, 1962
  • Ambulance – Superior Cadillac Ambulance, UK, 1967
  • Ambulance – Tat, Cream friction ambulance, Hong Kong
  • Ambulance – Timpo, Wild West Series, 277
  • Ambulance – 19th Century Cavalry Field ambulance, UK
  • Ambulance – Tri-ang Minic Push-and-Go, Daimler off white plastic ambulance, UK
  • Ambulance – Tri-ang, 85TT6, Red Cross tinplate ambulance. Push along with plastic driver, UK
  • Ambulance – Vitesse, Retro 351 Mercedes Ambulance "170V Krankenwagen", Portugal
  • Ambulance – Vitesse, White Chrysler ambulance, Portugal
  • Ambulance – Vitesse, Mercedes-Benz 170V Fire Brigade ambulance. "Sapeurs Pompiers" marking on side door, Portugal
  • Ambulance – Wells Brimtoy, Bedford ambulance, UK, circa 1950
  • Ambulance – Wells Brimtoy, White ambulance (no motor), UK
  • Ambulance – Wells Brimtoy ambulance, UK
  • Ambulance – Wells Brimtoy, Tinplate clockwork St. Johns ambulance, UK
  • Ambulance – Wells Brimtoy, Tinplate St. Johns clockwork ambulance, UK, 1928
  • Ambulance – Woolbro, White plastic friction drive ambulance with blue windows. Boxed. Hong Kong
  • Ambulance – Zap Toys, ambulance "Emergency Boat"
  • Ambulance – Green wooden ambulance with red cross on white backgrund on roof. Plastic wheels. Possibly Germany
  • Ambulance – Brown unbreakable plastic military ambulance. Miniature military vehicles, Hong Kong
  • Ambulance – Cream tin plate clockwork ambulance with red markings and white cross
  • Ambulance – Cream tin plate autoambulance with blue windows and plastic wheels
  • Ambulance – White friction drive ambulance toy with blue light on roof. Number plate marked "EH RI 71"
  • Ambulance – Chinese tin ambulance from the mid to late 1960s
  • Ambulance – Chinese friction drive ambulance, China
  • Ambulance – "Hospital General" Ambulance
  • Ambulance – Chinese friction drive tinplate ambulance, China
  • Ambulance – black and brown toy ambulance. "Ambulance" in red text directly above windscreen
  • Ambulance – Magen David Ambulance, Israeli Chevrolet Chevelle ambulance from 1960s. White with "Red Magen David" on the side and a Star of David on the roof, Israel, 1960s
  • Ambulance – Czech ambulance, Czech
  • Ambulance – Chinese-made American station wagon ambulance, China
  • Ambulance – Verbania Ambulance, Italian Red Cross ambulance with "Croce Rossa Italiana Verbania" on the side, Italy
  • Ambulance – Tour de France Ambulance from 1957 with "Aspro" advertising on the side
  • Ambulance – very large white toy Ambulance with "Ambulance Service" written on the side
  • Ambulance – Small tin ambulance, Germany
  • Ambulance – Small tin ambulance. "Modele Depose" marked on base, France
  • Ambulance – white ambulance, Japan
  • Ambulance – French "Ambulance Militaire" tin Ambulance. Originally a confectionary tin
  • Ambulance – Probably Hungarian toy ambulance, Hungary
  • Ambulance – Small blue and yellow tin ambulance, Japan
  • Ambulance – Tin Ambulance with large blue lights on roof, "825", Japan
  • Ambulance – White Ambulance toy with red cross on door and top and canvas convering on the rear
  • Ambulance – Green military ambulance toy
  • Ambulance – Large tin ambulance with remote control attached by red cable, Japan
  • Ambulance – Green U.S army Ambulance (possibly Dodge)
  • Ambulance – Cream ambulance with red cross on roof and "Roja" on the bonnet. Probably Spanish, Spain
  • Ambulance – Large plastic Spanish ambulance with "Urgencias" and cartoon bear on the side, Spain
  • Ambulance – White tin ambulance toy with driver and passenger illustrated on windscreen. Made in Spain, Spain
  • Ambulance – Plastic toy ambulance with a hat and smiley face, ambulance
  • Plastic miniature military ambulance – Based on the Trojan van, Hong Kong
  • Ambulance – tin friction drive ambulance, China
  • Ambulance – Green tinplate clockwork ambulance, UK
  • Ambulance with hollow-cast figures – Flat lead ambulance plus several military personnel. Possibly French
  • Ambulance model kit – Jo Han, USA, 1966
  • Slotcar – VW ambulance with blue light and red cross on the front and the side
  • Ambulance accessories – Marx
  • Ambulance accessories – Paramedic Ambulance figures - white stretcher bearer and man in black running
  • Ambulance ship – Hasegawa, Hikawama Maru Japanese Hospital Ship, Japan
  • Dingy – Tomy, water action plastic dingy (4), UK
  • Tin model, tin micro model yellow and blue car
  • Helicopter ambulance – Small white, "Sussex Police"
  • Helicopter ambulance – Tin, possibly Japanese, circa 1970s
  • Helicopter ambulance – Tin helicopter ambulance
  • Helicopter ambulance – green military
  • Ambulance railway carriage – Tri-ang R248, Green and white ambulance train coach, UK, 1964-67
  • Ambulance railway carriage – Paya
  • Ambulance railway carriage – tinplate, white sides with grey roof. Sides and roof marked with red cross. Marked on side "SANIDAD" (Spanish for "health"), Spain
  • Hospital – Mettoy, Britains Hospital Playset, 'Britains Hospital' tinplate hospital playset. Based upon the T.V. show "Emergency War 10", UK
  • Hospital – "Little People's Hospital Playset" with 4 little people figures, USA
  • Hospital – Brandstatter, Playmobil, Large Playmobil "Ambulance-Station" with several figures
  • Hollow-cast figures – Crescent, Lead hollow- cast figures: One kneeling nurse in white and blue uniform, Three wounded prone soldiers, UK, pre war
  • Hollow-cast figures – Crescent, Lead hollow- cast figures: One kneeling nurse in white and blue uniform, One wounded prone soldiers, UK
  • Hollow-cast figures – Lineol, one medical officer in green uniform with red cross on arm, one brown dog with red cross on green harness, Germany
  • Hollow-cast figures – London Toy soldiers, three military medical staff and one wounded on stretcher. Box marked "Royal Army Medical Corps". Made by London Toy Soldiers, UK
  • Hollow-cast figures – Four military paramedics in green uniform carrying two stretchers
  • Hollow-cast figures – Three surgeons, two soldiers, four nurses and two wounded
  • Hollow-cast figures – Military paramedic in brown uniform. Red cross on backpack
  • Hollow-cast figures – Hollow-cast lead figures. One walking nurse in red and white uniform with white hat. Two male stretcher-bearers in black uniforms wearing black helmets. One wounded soldier prone on stretcher wearing red and black uniform with bandaged head
  • Hollow-cast figures – Hollow-cast lead figures. One walking nurse in red and white uniform with white hat. Two male stretcher-bearers in black uniforms wearing white helmets. One wounded soldier prone on stretcher wearing white with bandaged head
  • Hollow-cast figures – Hollow-cast lead figure of soldier in grey uniform. Standing
  • Hollow-cast figures – Hollow-cast lead figure of soldier in blue uniform. Standing
  • Plastic figure – Tomy, plastic nurse model in blue and white uniform, UK
  • Plastic figures – Britains Ltd., Nurses, plastic, ×3
  • Hospital set – Britains Ltd., 7851, "Britains Hospital" figures. 7851 "Doctor and Patient", UK
  • Hospital set – Britains Ltd., 7852, "Britains Hospital" figures. 7852 "Nurse and Patient", UK
  • Hospital set – Britains Ltd., 7852, "Britains Hospital" figures. 7852 "Nurse and Patient", UK
  • Hospital set – Britains Ltd., 7854, "Britains Hospital" figures. 7854 "Nursing Sister and Patient", UK
  • Medic figure – Palitoy, Action Man, Action Man medic dressed in white, ×2, UK
  • Medic figure – Palitoy, Action Man, Medic in original wrapping. QM Stores?, UK
  • Medic figure – Palitoy, Action Man, Action Man medic with equipment, UK
  • Medic figure – Palitoy, Action Man, Action Man first aid centre with box, UK
  • "Private Nurse" doll outfit – from the T.V. series "Angels", UK, 1976
  • "District Nurse" doll outfit – from the T.V. series "Angels", UK, 1976
  • Activity Board – Galt, Malta
  • Book – "Andy the Ambulance"
  • Book – "Call Angie Ambulance"
  • Book – "Arthur One" (1)
  • Book – "The Ambulance"
  • Book – "Ambulnce Handbook"
  • Book – "Ambulances of the Netherlands"
  • Book – "Ambulance Annie"
  • Book – Sound Play Ambulance"
  • Book – "Arthur One" (2)
  • Book – "First Aid"
  • Postcard – "Mountain Rescue Bears"
  • Framed picture – Red glass frame. Two pictures within. One entitled "Gordons bringing in a wounded German", the other "Helping an ambulance through the mud".
  • Jigsaw – Victory, ambulance jigsaw, from the "Emergency Services" series. Empty box, 1973
  • First Aid Box – Home First Aid Box
  • First Aid Box – Romac First Aid Box
  • First Aid Box – Home First Aid Box
  • First Aid Box – US First Aid Pouch, canvas
  • First Aid Tin – Silver coloured metal St John Ambulance first aid tin, UK
  • Tin – tin round tin. St John National self-adhesive plaster. Gold colour with painted red St John badge on top and blue surround
  • Badges – Various ambulance service badges. Hampshire, Gloucestershire and three London
  • Certificate – St. Andrew's certificate 1939
  • Medal – Medal awarded for Red Cross nursing. Blue and white ribbon with years 1952, 1955, 1956 and 1958 on it, with metal medallion depicting red cross. Awarded for merit

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