Doctor and Patient Set 7851 (Britains Hospital)

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Past Exhibit

Doctor and Patient Set 7851 (Britains Hospital)

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Arch Two , Area 20
Ambulance Station (display)

A boxed 1:32-scale "Doctor and Patient" set 7851, part of the Britains Hospital range.

The set includes a clipboard-wielding hospital doctor wearing a white coat (open at the front, revealing dark trousers and a large yellow tie), a patient in a hospital bed with rolling meal tray, and a chair and small bedside cupboard. The bed is white, the side-furniture, tray and hospital blanket are pale green.


The set is in its original rectangular card "window" retail pack. The pack provides a "hospital room" backdrop for the items, with the pack's transparent panel replacing the ceiling and front wall of a hospital room, and the other three walls and floor being printed on the pack's interior.

The rest of the pack's exterior is white with a "tile" grid, with a large "Britains Hospital" logo on its upright back tab, and straight diagonal "rainbow" striping on the upper left and lower right corners.