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Doctor Who Exhibition

2005 - January 2006

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Doctor Who Exhibition

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== this section may refer to an older museum exhibition that is no longer on display ==

2005 blog post:

"Is There A Doctor In The House?"….. "Yes There Is!"

Those of you lucky enough to have visited the museum this summer will have seen our latest exhibition: a wonderful display of Dr Who Memorabilia.

Following a surprise phone call from Brighton Palace Pier, who explained to us that the sheer quantity of items destined for inclusion in their Dr Who Exhibition was too large for the available space, it was mutually agreed that the remaining exhibits should come to us.

The exhibits in question are in fact the renowned private collection of David Howe, a long term fan of all things Doctor Who and an author and publisher of several authoritative books on the subject including Transcendental Toybox (the complete guide to Doctor Who memorabilia).

They are professionally displayed in two showcases which formerly housed our Brighton seaside-themed display and Britain's garden models. They range from the expected Dr Who related books, posters, jigsaw puzzles, games, badges and figures right through to the more obscure items such as frisbees, watches, yoyos, painting sets, slide-projectors, bubble bath and even pants… no, you're not seeing things, pants. And naturally, there are quite a few of our old friends the Daleks.

Dr Who memorabilia

But WHO has come to the display (if you'll excuse the pun)? Well, our volunteers have booked in a vast array of visitors who have come specifically to see the exhibition. We've seen everyone from young children and their families recently acquainted with the Doctor through the new television series, to people wanting to re-live their memories of the original television programmes from the 1960's and 1970's, and last but not least the die-hard Dr Who fans, often wearing their prized Dr Who T-shirts and badges.

The exhibition will remain in place until the end of January 2006, so there's still plenty of time to catch the Doctor and his memorabilia. Don't leave it too late though as the Tardis never stays in one place for too long!


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