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2013 saw the Heritage Lottery fund's grant pay for a set of touchscreen tablets around the museum, along with materials and laser access so that we could design and build our own custom housings, and project officer time to produce online listings of over five hundred relevant pieces, and over 500 scans of old catalogue images and advertising, with this information being available both online and on the tablets.

It also paid for public wifi access points in the museum, wooden trains and plastic Meccano for children's events, and also sets of tables and chairs for our first Children's Play Day, which have since been used for many other events.

One of the two glass-fronted screens that was used at ModelWorld 2013 to launch the year was then repurposed as an electronic poster in Arch Four, and the other has been in constant use in the museum's resource room as a widescreen computer monitor, and has also seen repeat service at subsequent ModelWorld exhibitions.