Massey-Harris-Ferguson MF65 Tractor, red mudguards (Spot-On 137)

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Massey-Harris-Ferguson MF65 Tractor, red mudguards (Spot-On 137)

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The Spot-On Collection (display)

1962 - 1963

A red model Massey-Harris-Ferguson 65 Tractor with yellow wheelhubs and red mudguards, made by Tri-ang as part of the Spot-On range (catalogue number 137) in 1962-63.

This is mentioned in the Salter book as a very very rare and desirable colour variant on the standard grey-mudguarded version of the model.


The Spot-On MF65 tractor was apparently only introduced in 1962 or '63, and seems to have been killed off in 1963 by the arrival of the competing Corgi version(s). The extremely short run makes the red-mudguarded variation even more difficult to find, and it also has added desirability for being the more correct colour-scheme for the tractor.

This example is proudly displayed on a small stand, at the front of its shelf.

Massey-Ferguson 65 Tractor, Spot-On 137 (alt. version)

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  • Brian Salter, Nigel Lee and Graham Thompson, The Ultimate Book of Spot-On Models (In-House, 2013), pages 176-177