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Models produced to 1:42 scale.

The main British manufacturer associated with 1:42 was Spot-On. Although Dinky had used a 1:43 scale to give good compatibility with 00-gauge model railways, Triang decided that the model cars market was now large enough to be self-sustaining, and marketed their slightly larger 1:43-scale models on the basis that the larger size allowed for finer detailing and accuracy in their models.

Dinky also produced some 1:42 models for the UK market after they absorbed Spot-On, and it's possible that some models produced in one of the scales may sometimes have been sold as the other, when different castings from different sources were combined into single ranges (on the assumption that most customers just wanted to play with the cars and didn't much care whether they were strictly 1:43 or 1:42).


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