Bassett-Lowke Legacy project

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Starting in January 2014, the museum is having a "push" to gather together as much information as it can on its Bassett-Lowke related exhibits, the Bassett-Lowke company and affiliated companies.

First phase - 2014

The first phase of the project is now underway, and is gathering together material on Bassett-Lowke Ltd. from a variety of sources and putting it online. This work is creating a picture of the company and its activities and background that should be interesting to people who don't currently know much about the Bassett-Lowke story.

Second phase - ????

The existing project is a potential first stage before possible "Stage 2" phase (2015 or later), which would involve full digitisation of the museum's Bassett-Lowke archives.

While the preliminary "Stage 1" is being carried out using volunteer time, the "Stage 2" phase would require some quite specialist scanning hardware (such as a dedicated book scanner to allow old and delicate books and catalogues to be imaged without breaking their spines) and dedicated personnel, and would need to be an externally funded project.

Stage 2 is currently on hold pending discussions on ways of funding the project.