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Pages, toys and models relating to the year 1922 .

1922 saw the launch of Bing Table Railway, the first proper commercial attempt to produce an 00-gauge model railway system.

It also saw the creation of Crescent Toys and the publicity launch of the extravagant Titania's Palace dollhouse.

Wider context

  • 1922 saw a period of hyper-inflation in the German economy, with the exchange rate starting the year at somewhere around 260 marks to the US Dollar, and continuing to plunge month after month, until at year end, in December, it took about 7,000 marks to buy one dollar, a drop in dollar-worth over the year of around 27 times.

  • May – dedication ceremony of the Lincoln Memorial, with its famous giant statue of Abraham Lincoln
  • September – opening of the Monza racetrack in Italy, financed by the Milan Automobile Club
  • July – Official opening of the Hollywood Bowl venue
  • November – Howard Carter discovers and enters the tomb of Tutankhamun
  • December - formation of the USSR


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