Miss America live steam boat (Bowman Models)

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The Miss America was one of the first three steamboats made by Bowman Models for Hobbies during the 1920s.

Geoffrey Bowman Jenkins seems to have started selling the "Miss America" in 1922/1923 through his company The Woodcraft Patents Co., before he linked up with Hobbies, and before he started using the Bowman Models name.

Advertising/catalogue text:



The most popular of all launches. With pleasing lines, waterproof hull, spray hood and finished in bright enamel with second colour water line. The oscillating engine is of brass with direct drive to the propeller. The boiler is of drawn brass and fitted with a safety valve. All parts accurately machined for easy running. Non-spill lamp, with wick, supplied.

The original "Miss America"

Garfield Wood broke the water speed record five times between 1920 and 1932, with a series of (full size!) boats all called Miss America (similar to how Donald Campbell in the UK named his speed-record vehicles "Bluebird"). As a result, there was a strong association in the mid-1920s between the name "Miss America" and the idea that a boat was the fastest available.

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