Tank locomotive LNER 8307 (Leeds)

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Tank locomotive LNER 8307 (Leeds)

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Arch Four , Area 62
1930s Layout, top


A green 0-6-0 model of the Holden-designed 2-4-2 tank locomotive LNER 8307 (F7 Class), made by the Leeds Model Company in around ~1940. Although we think the model was probably sold just post-WW2, there's a chance that it might be pre-war.

Wheel arrangement

Although the wheel configuration doesn't correspond to the 2-4-2 original, the model captures the look and feel of the original loco from the floor level upwards, and looks very realistic. Ironically, since the F7 Class wasn't as popular as the previous 0-6-0 J65 Class, the Leeds model could be argued to show the loco the way it probably should have been! Leeds probably used a solid 0-6-0 mechanism, and probably felt that it wasn't worth going for wheel accuracy by degrading the model to have only four proper wheels with another four non-drive-wheels. The result is a more useful and reliable model than if they'd gone for the more authentic 2-4-2.

The original locomotive

These tank locomotives were designed by S.D. Holden for the Great Eastern Railway ("GER") in 1909, and continued in service under the LNER from 1923. Only twelve were produced. The last two were withdrawn from service in 1948. The original GER classification for the locos was Y65 Class.

Partly as a result of the 2-4-2 configuration, the locos ended up with a larger cab than normal, which resulted in them having larger windows than usual, earning the nickname "the Crystal Palace locos"

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