Streamlined Diesel Articulated Train (Dinky Toys 16z)

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Streamlined Diesel Articulated Train (Dinky Toys 16z)

Autorail (HornbyFR 1935).jpg Dinky Toys 16, Autorail a 3 Voitures (UK 16z) (i)
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A silver Streamlined Diesel Articulated Train (Dinky Toys 16z), made by Meccano France in the 1930s.

This model appears in the catalogues as a three-car train, with two streamlined end-units and an additional centre carriage. The model on display is a two-car train, without the centre car.


When Meccano Ltd. wanted to add a streamlined train to their range of Dinky Toys, the obvious choice was the LNER Silver Link articulated train hauled by a streamlined A4 locomotive (the most famous "A4" being the later Mallard).

However, over in France, a distinctively UK-specific train wasn't going to have the same desirability to local buyers as something more familiar, and Meccano France filled the "Number 16" slot in their range with a French diesel-powered streamlined three-car articulated train, listed as 16 - Autorail a 3 Voitures.

It was a nice model, and sufficiently different to anything in the British Dinky Toys range for Meccano Ltd to add it to their own range, and since Dinky Toys 16 already existed (and the existing model wasn't likely to be abandoned any time soon), the French import became 16z in the UK catalogues.

Meccano Ltd. announced the addition of several imported French Dinky pieces to their range at this time, and these were usually distinguished from the rest of the models by a "z" prefix and the words "Made in the Meccano Factory in Paris".

Catalogue illustrations

Dinky Toys 16, Autorail a 3 Voitures, from a 1935-36 French Meccano catalogue
Dinky Toys 16z import, from a 1939 UK Meccano catalogue

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