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The Royal Pavilion, Gardens and stables (later converted and expanded to create the Brighton Dome and Corn Exchange, and Brighton Museum and Art Gallery), were purchased by the Brighton Commissioners on behalf of the Town in 1850, in response to learning that the buildings were liable to be torn down and, basically, trashed and the pieces sold off.

An Act to enable the Commissioners acting under an Act passed in the Sixth Year of the Reign of his Late Majesty King George the Fourth, for better regulating, paving, improving, and managing the Town of Brighthelmston in the County of Sussex, and the Poor thereof, to purchase, improve, and manage the Royal Pavilion at Brighton, and the Grounds thereof, and to enlarge, extend, and apply the Powers and Provisions of the same Act with reference thereto.
[17th May 1850]


And whereas it has been considered by the inhabitants of the said Town of Brighton that it would be very beneficial to them if the said Pavilion, Ground, Hereditaments, and Premises were purchased and held on their Behalf, and accordingly,


and it is intended that such Property when so purchased and acquired shall be held and managed by the said Brighton Town Commissioners wholly for the Use and Benefit of the said Inhabitants and Visitors and the Public, for Purposes of Health, Recreation, Amusement, or Profit, or otherwise in such Manner as shall be determined on: And whereas it will be necessary to raise considerable Funds for paying the said agreed Purchase Money or Sum of Fifty-three thousand Pounds for the said property under the aforesaid Contract of Purchase thereof, and also for adapting the purchased Property of the Purposes aforesaid


— , -, , The Brighton 1850 Act, , 17th May 1850

1876 Act

After the Dome and Corn Market had been overhauled and the new Museum and Art Gallery built, it was felt necessary to have the 1850 Act modofied ot allow the Corporation to monetise events held in the dome, and make it clear that they were allowed to fund the museum through local taxation:

An Act for amending the Act (Local) of the thirteenth year of Her present Majesty, chapter five, commonly known as the Brighton Improvement (Purchase of Royal Pavilion, &c.) Act; and for other purposes [1st June 1876]

... And whereas certain of the buildings and other parts of the Pavilion property have been converted by and at the expense of the Corporation, under the powers of the Act of 1850, into an Assembly Room of large dimensions, now known and herein-after referred to as "the Dome," and a large room or building now known and herein-after referred to as "the Corn Exchange:"

And whereas the dome is well adapted for concerts and assemblies of various kinds, and the Corn Exchange is used one day in each week as a corn market, and is well adapted for use at other times for public exhibitions, meetings, and other like purposes:

And whereas it has been found that the restrictions contained in the Act of 1850, and above recited, upon lettings, demises, and elases of the Pavilion property are attended with inconvenience, and prevent or interfere with the use and enjoyment of the property ... it is expedient that those restrictions be repealed. ...

— , -, , 1876 Act, , 1st June 1876

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