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The Paris Great Exhibition (Exposition Universelle) of 1900, was an extravagant international affair, that was the culmination of a run of French exhibitions intended to showcase France and French achievements. The 1900 Exhibition's organisers created enough advance publicity to "stake a claim" to Paris owning the first international exhibition of the Twentieth Century, deterring potential competitors. Unfortunately, the visitor numbers were lower than planned, leading to a large number of small Parisian investors losing money, and the country deciding that perhaps they would not be planning any more similar exhibitions for some time.

Apart from launching inventions such as Rudolph Diesel's engine and the Escalator, the 1900 exhibition is remembered in the toy and model world as having showcased a range of optical and multimedia -related inventions and developments in which French inventors were well represented (helping to usher in the world of commercial moving pictures), and was the place where Wenman Joseph Bassett-Lowke saw Bing's exhibition stand and realised that Bing's model trains, with some modifications and an enthusiastic distributor, could be sold into the British market.

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