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Milbro (Mills Brothers)

Milbro was the trademark of Mills Bros Model Engineers Ltd. of Sheffield and London.

Founded in (1919?), Milbro produced gauge 0 model locomotives, rolling stock, track and points (including some quite complex points systems), and also sold station buildings, signalling and other accessories. Like Bassett-Lowke, they also sold their specialised components (such as bogies and loco parts) separately, and could make up special locomotives to order.

For many collectors, one of the mosre distinctive features of the Milbro range was their wooden passenger carriages, which allowed the recreation of LNER teak-finished carriages in real varnished wood, rather than a faux-wood effect.

Milbro kits

Milbro also sold wooden make-your-own-carriage kits, using a quite sophisticated system with slots for windows and windows spacer panels.

Milbro "Build up your own coaches from Milbro famous parts"
Complete coach sets


The profusion of Milbro parts and their promotion to the hobby builder market means that it’s not always obvious whether a carriage that seems to be a Milbro car really is a 100% Milbro-manufactured piece, or is a home-assembled piece made using Milbro parts to Milbro instructions, or is a more “freestyle” homebuild piece using a combination of Milbro and non-Milbro components.


Milbro's adverts tended to fixate on individual items, and could sometimes give the impression that the company was a very small operation with quite a restricted product range - however, by the late 1930s, their catalogue (cost 6d) was 104 pages thick, and had an introduction by J.N. Maskelyne, editor of "Model Railway News".


Milbro's Sheffield address was St Mary's Road, and their London showrooms were at 2 Victoria Colonnade, Victoria House, Southampton Row, London WC1 .

Mills Bros showroom, 2 Victoria Colonnade, London
Inside Milbro's London showroom

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