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Information on wooden construction kits

For the purposes of these pages, we're treating wooden construction "kits" as being sets designed to produce a single very specific model, and wooden construction "toys" as being more "free-form" sets designed to allow a range of possible models, Meccano-style.


  • Fret-tool and wood supplier Hobbies Ltd. also produced a vast range of plans for models, toys and household objects that could be made out of wood, some of which could be purchased with packs of wood (which the buyer would have to cut out themselves, normally with the help of a Hobbles fretsaw).

Other than the "woodworking hobbyist" market served by Hobbies, the market for wooden kits receded dramatically after World War Two with the introduction of injection-moulded plastic construction kits from companies such as Airfix, which gave more detail and a finer final surface, and required fewer tools.

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