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Milbro (Mills Bros) produced a very distinctive range of wooden passenger railway carriages, with windows and wooden inter-window struts and panels that slotted together to produce a model that was evocative of realwooden railway carriages (especially the teak LNER rolling stock).

This style of wooden model coach-making became less relevant as railway companies progressively phased out their wooden rolling stock in favour of steel replacements.

1930 promotional text:


The demand during the last few years for our scale model wooden coaches has greatly exceeded our expectations and has encouraged us to put down new plant for the cutting out of the parts for these coaches. This, together with a few modifications, has greatly accelerated the speed in the manufacture, with the result that a great reduction in the cost of making these coaches, has enabled us to reduce these considerably in price. The method of manufacture, the material used, the painting, lining and lettering, remain the same.


The bodies of these Coaches are made entirely of best seasoned hardwood, and are constructed by a special interlocking process. Sunk or flush wooden panels, glass doors and windows being a special feature. Interiors are of Mahogany finish. Our Standard English Type Brass Bogies with Cast Iron Wheels are fitted. The exterior finish is in the best possible coach style, being lined correctly in the proper colours. The lettering is also carried out faithfully to prototype. Our Special Concertina Vestibules are fitted to Dining Saloons and Corridor Coaches. Scale Brass Door Handles, Roof Ventilators, Tie Rods, etc., are fitted to all coaches. These coaches are undoubtedly the last word in perfection in model coach building.

The illustrations of these Coaches herewith, although taken from the actual photographs of the Models themselves, do not convey to the reader the beautiful glass-like finish and the abundance of detail as is the case in the finished Models.

— , Mills Brothers, , Milbro Catalogue, , 1930

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