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The parts designed for Milbro's own construction system for coaches, of grooved and tongued panels that were slotted together and glued, were easily turned into a range of kits, where the buyer received a set of nicely finished parts, and could save money by doing the comparatively simple (but fiddly and time-consuming) assembly themselves.

Alternatively, one could buy a complete built coach superstructure, and just carry out the final painting and finishing.

By 1939, Milbro had gone on to extend the home-construction principle to their range of wooden goods wagons.


Milbro, wooden make-your-own-carriage kits used a quite sophisticated system with slots for windows and windows spacer panels.

Milbro "Build up your own coaches from Milbro famous parts"
Complete coach sets

Assembled but unfinished coaches:


Plain unpainted bodies (without fittings) of our famous Coaches can now be supplied in any of the four groups.

  • Corridor Coaches – Gauge 0, 25/6 – Gauge 1, 37/6
  • Dining Cars – G0 24/- – G1 34/-
  • Non-Corridor Coaches – G0 24/- – G1 34/-
  • Pullman Cars – G0 26/- – G1 39/-

These bodies are constructed from clean sound timber, and made with loose roofs so that interior fittings may be fixed if desired.

The surface of each coach is glass-like to ensure a perfect finish being obtained when painted

Truss rods and accumulator boxes are included with all wood bodies, and corridor connections are also included with corridor coach wood bodies.

Separate interior fittings can be supplied, such as seats, tables, and electric lights. For these, and a selection of transfers, paints, etc., for above – see Paint and Transfer page in this list.

Please note. – All the foregoing coaches are made to the sizes given. If any special length coach is required (longer than our standard sizes) the price per coach will be 5/-extra.

— , Mills Brothers, , Milbro Catalogue, , 1930

1930: Unpainted wooden coach bodies

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