Lord Nelson locomotive SR 850 (Milbro)

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Lord Nelson locomotive SR 850 (Milbro)

Milbro Lord Nelson loco, Southern 850.jpg Milbro Lord Nelson (i)

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Arch Three , Area 1
1930s Model Railway Layout

A gauge 0 model of the green 4-6-0 "Lord Nelson" locomotive (markings "SOUTHERN", "850"), made by Milbro (Mills Brothers).

Lord Nelson loco, Milbro (Mills Brothers)

The original locomotive

Designed by Richard Maunsell, and named after British admirals, sixteen of the powerful "Lord Nelson" ("LN") class locos were built, starting in 1926.


Only one example of the class (The "Lord Nelson" itself) still survives, and is owned by the National Railway Museum (NRM).

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