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Lewis Carroll's surreal "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Alice through the Looking Glass" books, were written in 1865 and 1871, and captured the imagination of Victorian children and their parents.

"Lewis Carroll" was the pen-name of mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Queen Victoria was supposed to have been quite taken with the Alice character and to have asked Dodgson to send her a copy of his next publication - when Dodgson then sent her a copy of a mathematical treatise, Victoria was reputedly Not Amused.

Characters and themes

Alice in Wonderland

  • In the first book, Alice enters Wonderland by following a rabbit down a rabbithole, and many of the characters that Alice meets are based on characters from a pack of cards.

Alice through the Looking-Glass (originally, "Though the Looking-Glass, and what Alice found there"

  • In the second, the "pack of cards" motif is replaced by a chessboard, which Alice crosses while meeting characters based on chess pieces.

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