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Lewis Carroll is known to have travelled to Brighton to visit his sister, and the city has embraced the connection, as Carroll's quirky and somewhat mad characters make a good match to Brighton's sensibilities and its pride in celebrating the eccentric and the individualistic.

Lewis Carroll in Brighton, and the Rabbithole

Dodgson had a sister who lived at 11 Sussex Square (where there's a commemorative plaque). The buildings around Sussex Square surround a private secluded garden for which residents have keys. Hidden inside the garden is a tunnel entrance that leads visitors down below the seafront road and emerge at a brick cliff balcony/walkway overlooking the beach, above the "Black Rock" station belonging to the Volk's Electric Railway.

Given that residents are very proud of their secret walled garden, it's seems likely that Dodgson would have at some point been shown the garden and tunnel when he visited his sister, and local residents are convinced that the "rabbithole" would have been an influence on Dodgson's book.

The name of the road arcing around the location of the Rabbithole is Lewes Crescent, and some locals are fans of the theory that the road's name may have inspired one half of Dodgson's pseudonym - one of the road's signs has been "adjusted" to read "Lewis Crescent".

Brighton landmarks

  • "Alice Dreams", a Brighton-based shop with a large mural, selling "Alice-based" memorabilia and merchandise.

Food and Drink:

The Mad Hatter (cafe)

  • 38 Montpelier Road, City Centre Brighton BN1 3BA

The Rabbit Hole Bar (under the Mad Hatter)

The White Rabbit (gastropub)

  • 13-14 Kensington Gardens, North Laine, Brighton BN1 4AL – 01273 677655

Dodo Fish & Chips

  • 84a Dyke Rd, Brighton BN1 3JD


Mad Hatters & Friends Ltd. (clothing)

  • 89 Trafalgar Street Hove Brighton, BN1 4ER []

Places to Stay

Jacqueline Martin has created two beautiful guest houses in Brighton that are based on the Alice books, one on Alice in Wonderland, and the other on Alice through the Looking Glass. Expect to have to reserve a long way in advance for weekends

The Wonderland House

Looking Glass Cottage

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