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The Lego Town Plan Set baseboard went though at least two major designs. It also originally had patterned grassed areas between the roads, that one could choose to build Lego buildings on ... or not. You could take the board out from its hiding place, stashed behind a sofa or bed, put it on the floor, grab a toy car or two and start playing.

At some point, Lego seem to have decided that this wasn't acceptable, and started putting rectangles onto most of the vacant lots, patterned with shadowed circles to represent Lego studs. This was presumably to make the board look slightly unfinished unless it was populated by at least a couple of Lego buildings ("Lego buildings need to go here, here, and here"), but it had the side-effect that, if you were a small child, you felt slightly cheated that the board only had printed "pretend" Lego studs on it rather than real Lego studs. The addition of low-profile Lego-studded panels on the "building site" areas would have been great ... but would have increased the manufacturing cost and made it more difficult for the boards to fold flat.


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