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Graham Farish

1919 -     

Graham Farish was founded by Thomas Graham Farish in 1919, and originally made radio components for home constructors. When the enthusiasm for home-built radios subsided, Graham Farrish moved into other manufacturing, and made electric fires, jar lids, fountains and plant food pellets.

Always looking for new markets, Graham Farish produced sixty-odd figures for the Coronation in 1953, and showed their Formo flexible model railway track in 1948, with their GP5 00-gauge train sets appearing in 1949. As one of the early adopters of two-rail 00-gauge, Graham Farrish then briefly started producing three-rail sets, in 1953, under the Formo name.

The Company launched their N gauge range in 1970, and dropped the 0-gauge range in the early 1980's to concentrate exclusively on N-gauge. The brand became part of Bachmann Industries in 2000.

Further Information

  • Ramsay's British Model Trains Catalogue (6th Edition, 2008) pp.154-184 ISBN 9780955619489

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