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The Märklin Car Construction Sets have two types listed in the later 1930s catalogues: the full Car Construction Sets with a surprisingly wide range of options, and a dedicated set with a different chassis, for building a model of the the Mercedes-Benz W25 racing car (in either silver or red).

For the main sets, there was a shared chassis set with optional clockwork motor, and then a range of radially different sets of bodywork that could be built onto the chassis. The result was not just a construction toy but an engineering lesson showing how real cars of the 1930s were designed and assembled.

Märklin Car Construction Sets

Arguably the flagship bodyshell in the range, the Mercedes-Benz SSK racecar in bright red with a large racing number 7 was reissued as a model in the 1990s, and we have one of these on display in the museum.

The Chassis

The chassis set, 1101 C, built into a fully-specified car chassis with steering and differential drive coupling for the rear wheels.

The chassis set No.1101 C serves as a foundation set for the various models. With it can be built, piece by piece, as in the case of a real motor car, a true model of a modern chassis. All the parts are there; frame, springs, differential, driving shaft, steering, etc. and can quite easily be assembled with the help of the comprehensive and richly illustrated instruction book which is supplied with each construction set.

The Märklin 1101C chassis, fitted with the 1100M Clockwork Motor
Märklin 1101 C Chassis set, unassembled

The clockwork motor No. 1109 M can be fitted to the chassis in a few moments. The models illustrated on page 4 and on this page are then completed by means of various body building sets; if the boy wishes, however, he can design and build his own coachwork out of wood, cardboard or any other material.

The Bodies

The 1936 Märklin catalogue then lists six quite different bodies that could be built onto the chassis:

  • 1103 StN – Streamline Body
  • 1104 PN – Pullman Limousine Body
  • 1105 L – Truck Body
  • 1106 T – "Standard" Petrol Truck
  • 1107 R – Mercedes-Benz SSK Racer Body
  • 1108 G – Armoured Car Body


  • 109 M – Clockwork Motor
  • 1110 B – Electric Lighting Set
  • 99 R – Racecar Driver

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