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B J Ward

1940s -     

B. J. Ward Ltd. (1940s-) were a London-based toy company and distributor, probably best remembered for their "Wardie Master Models" range.


We're not sure if Ward actually manufactured anything themselves, or had a factory ... they seem instead to have acted as a conduit for a small number of product ranges manufactured by other companies based in London.

Their 1949 British Industries Fair entry (courtesy of Grace's Guide) lists them only as sole agents for "Plastic Five Stones", and the "Silver Champion" clockwork Racing Car Constructional Kit.

Brands made or distributed

listing from "Games and Toys", 1956:

  • "MASTERMODELS" – Series of OO Railway Accessories and Figures
  • "WOODSIDE" – Models of Railways Buildings and Accessories
  • "HAILEY" – Models of Railway Stations, Bridges, etc.
  • "WARDIE" – Products, Tunnels, Garage Equipment , etc.
  • "WEE WORLD" – Miniature Models


  • B. J. Ward Ltd. – 130 Westminster Bridge Road, London S.E.1

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