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Britains Model Farm, showcard 7 (BritCat 1940).jpg

Britains Model Home Farm Series

1923 -     
Britains - Circus - Farm - Floral - Garden - Zoo

Britains Model Home Farm first appeared in 1923, with the company's push to introduce more "non-military" lines after World War One. The range was a success, and spawned the similarly animal-centric Britains Zoo and Britains Circus ranges.

5F Farm Waggon with Farm Hand, two Horses and Removable Backboard (1958 colour catalogue image)


The use of a common 1:32 scale across Britains' non-military sets meant that many pieces nominally meant for one set would be rather useful in others and the Farm Series became used as a catch-all home for pieces that migrated into and out from other ranges. Our copy of the 1958 catalogue has "Britains Hunt" pieces listed as farm items, and while the Garden range seems to be missing in 1958, the Greenhouse and a few other Garden pieces are listed as Farm pieces.

An extreme example of reuse would probably be the "Man with Wheelbarrow", who would be at home either in the Farm or Garden, and ... owing to the presence of elephants ... would arguably also be required paid staff for a Zoo or Circus .

Ertl's US Farm range

The success of Britains Farm was so great, continuing through the 1960s and beyond, that when Britains Petite was bought by US toymaker Ertl in 1997, it was primarily for the Britains farm toys range rather than for the other product lines ("The combination of Britains and Ertl Europe will make the company a market leader in farm toys and collectibles in the UK and other European markets.").

Promotional text (1940 and 1958)

IF ALL THE TOYS that have been offered to the public could be stood in a row, each having a size proportionate to popularity, "The Model Home Farms" made by Britains, Ltd., would, without the least doubt, range amongst the largest; in fact, would probably be the largest, and the ever-increasing call for "The Model Home Farms" shows that it continues to hold a very high place in the public esteem. It is just that kind of toy which can be played with equally well by the youngest or oldest child, not to mention a large number of grownups, and the fact that it can be added to at will, and is so infinitely varied, ensures that there is never any likelihood of its failing to give pleasure to even the most changeable youngster, and mother or father may be sure of quiet evenings if Britains "Model Home Farm"is in the home.

Made in the brightest and most up-to-date of modern factories, it is truly a British product in all senses, and may be bought with that confidence which the words on each piece "Made in England" are intended to convey.

— , -, , Britains catalogue, , 1940

THIS range of Toys is one of the most popular ever offered to the public, it is in a class by itself, and no toy yet devised is so wide in its pleasure-giving qualities or its unlimited appeal.

The Model Home Farm has the additional advantage , that whilst the smallest box of models is a complete toy in itself, any further purchases, whether bought by the piece or in boxes, are fully complementary to previous collections, whether large or small.

Being made of the same standard as our other models, the Model Home Farm forms an inseparable addition to them and may be bought with that confidence which is engendered by all models manufactured under our well-known Trade Mark.

— , -, , Britains catalogue, , 1958

Catalogue listings (1940)

Individual Items

  • 58F A fully modelled Tree, in which the foliage fits on to a central trunk, a very big advance over all other model trees. Perfectly natural from all angles of view
  • 59F Four-wheeled Lorry, Body Tips, Back Opens, Doors Open (with Driver). Rubber tyres.
  • 60F Six-wheeled Lorry, Back and Doors to open. Body Tips (with Driver). Rubber Tyres
  • 61F Ten-wheeled Lorry, Body Tips. Doors and Back Open (with driver). Rubber Tyres
  • 90F Builder's Lorry, as 59F, but with builder's name on sides
  • 91F Builder's Lorry, 6-wheeled, as 60F, with builder's name on sides
  • 92F Builder's Lorry, 10-wheeled, type as 61F, with builder's name on sides


  • 1F Model Home Farm
  • 2F Model Home Farm
  • 3F Model Home Farm
  • 16F Stable Display, comprising Shire Horses, Colts, Cob, Stable Lad and Dog
  • 17F Farmyard Display, comprising Bull, Pigs, Piglets, Donkey, Goat, Drover and Boy
  • 18F Farmyard Display, comprising Fowls, Sheep, Lambs, Cow and Calf, Dog, Feeding Trough, Farmer and Wife
  • 36F Containing Cow, Calf, Berkshire Pig, Hampshire Sheep Dog, Cob and Stable Lad
  • 38F Containing Berkshire Pigs, Hampshire Ram, Dog, Farm Hand, Horse feeding, Pig, Cow, Elm Tree, Bull, Sheep, Small Trees and Shrubs
  • 39F Sheep walking and feeding, Milkmaid, Cow feeding, Farm Hand, Cob, Geese, Fowls, Lambs, Piglets, Small Trees and Shrubs
  • 52F A large Presentation Box, consisting of a nice assortment of Animals, Sheep, Pigs, Cows, etc., Farm People, Horse Rake with Driver, and Four-Wheeled Farm Waggon with Driver
  • 53F Model Home Farm, Farmer, Sheep, Cow, Farmer's Wife and Fowls
  • 54F Model Home Farm, Exmoor Horn Ram and Ewe. Land Girl, Horse, Donkey, Jersey Cow, and Pigs
  • 55F Model Home Farm, Stable Lad, Dog, large Tree, Shire Horse, Cart Horse, Foal, Colt, Light Horse, and Small Trees
  • 56F Model Home Farm, Farmer, Farmer's Wife, Cow Walking, Cow Feeding, Elm Tree, Small Trees, Prize Fowls (assorted)
  • 62F Pigs, Exmoor Sheep, Hampshire Ram, Trees and Shrubs, Piglets, Sheep, Lambs, Bull, Jersey Cow, Farmer, Farmer's Wife, Horse feeding
  • 63F Trees and Shrubs, Hurdles, Cows, Prize Poultry, Sheep feeding and walking, Dog, Shire Horse, Stable Lad, and Milkmaid.
  • 69F Farm Assortment containing Sheep, Rhode Island Red, Pig, Cow feeding and two Trees
  • 70F Farm Assortment, containing Sheep standing, Sheep feeding, Sheep lying, Jersey Cow and two Trees
  • 71F Farm Assortment, containing Horse feeding, Calf lying, Calf, Rhode Island Red and two Trees
  • 72F Farm Assortment, containing Cow, Calf, Sheep, Pig and two Trees
  • 73F Farm Assortment, containing Horse, Colt, Foal, Sheep, Pig and two Trees
  • 74F Farm Assortment, containing Cow, Calf, Goose, Goat and two Trees
  • 77F Farm assortment, containing Horse, Foal, Cow, Sheep, Pig, Goose, Goat and two Trees
  • 111F A complete Farmyard Presentation Box comprising large range of Farm Animals. Contents: Large Farmhouse, Mansard Type Barn, Farm People (assorted), Shrubs, Fencing, Seat, Sheep, Lambs, Pigs and Piglets, Cows, Calves, Horses, Colts, Cob, Foal, Chickens, Geese. 50 Pieces
  • 655 Assortment of Farm Animals
  • 656 Assortment of the Larger Farm Animals
  • 657 Assortment Farm People
  • 658 Assortment of the smaller size Farm Animals
  • 664 Assortment of Farm Animals

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