Farm Animals lead figures (Britains)

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Farm Animals lead figures (Britains)

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Arch Two , Area 8
The Farm (display)

A collection of painted lead figures from the Britains Farm Animals series produced by William Britain Ltd. (Britains).

Individual pieces

506 Shire-horse
Very common. (Dark brown with black shoes and brown straps ). 2010.489; 2010.
507 Shire colt
Ochre with white legs, tail and muzzle. Very common. 2010.505
508 Cow
(black and white) Very common. black and white:2010.506 & 507
510/601 Sheep walking
Grey (note: no apparent difference between this and ‘Hampshire Down ram* (601)?) Very common or fairly common.* 2010.510
512 Lamb
Grey/black legs. Very common. 2010.511
513 Dog
Black and white Collie. Very common. 2010.512
517 White fowl
Pre-war only. Very common. 2010.513
519 Angry gander
White (available in one colour only). Very common. 2010.514
520 Goose
White and grey. Available in one colour only. Very common. ×3 2010.515; 516;517
543 Horse feeding
Dark brown with 3 white feet. Very common. 2010.533
544 Chicks, pecking,* standing* and running
Yellow. Available in one colour only. Fairly common. ×2* (pecking and standing only) 2010.535
546 Piglets feeding and walking*
(Available in assorted colours and sizes). Pink. Very common. ×2 2010.547
565 Goslings
(Assorted positions). Yellow. Available in one colour only. Fairly common. ×2 2010.548; 549
576 St. Bernard dog
White/red-brown body and red-brown ears. Available in one colour only. Fairly common. 2010.550
597 "Exmoor Horn" ram and ewe
(ram and ewe in full fleece). Grey ram. Fairly common. Incomplete – ewe missing. 2010.552
599 Jersey cow (no spots but not possible to view clearly?)
Available in one colour only. Fairly common. 2010.553
604 Cat
Black with white paws and tail tip. Fairly common. ×2 (one is grey and textured?) 2010.554 & 555 (textured?)
616 Fox
Auburn, in running pose.
622 Swan with cygnets
Issued 1930 as a six piece set; 5 cygnets and one swan. Museum has two versions of this swan
637 Begging dog
White with black ears and markings. ×2 Rare. 2010.582 & 583
638 Spiteful cat
All black, back arched in "hissing" posture. Pre-war only. Rare. 2010.584
644 Black Plymouth Rock prize poultry
Correctly coloured to represent different breed. Includes Cock and Hen
647 Highland cattle
Brown. Fairly common. 2010.585
649 Field horse
With harness. Featuring holes in neck for the attachment of farm machinery. Light grey. Very common. Damaged.
756 Wild horse (also included in the Wild West set)
Red-brown with black mane and tail. Fairly common. 2010.588
782 Suffolk mare
Beige. Tail decorated with red. Slight damage – dent in flank. Rare.


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