Fordson Major E27N Tractor (Britains 128F)

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Fordson Major E27N Tractor (Britains 128F)

Fordson Major Tractor, Britains 128F (BritainsCat 1958).jpg (i)
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Arch Two , Area 8
The Farm (display)
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1945 - 1955

A dark blue ("Ford Blue") cast metal 1:32-scale model of a Fordson Major E27N Tractor, with black tyres and orange wheels, made by Britains Ltd between 1945 and 1955.

The Fordson model was produced by Britains in at least two version – with tyred wheels (128F) and spiked wheels (127F), and appeared in at least two boxed sets with additional accessories.

1958 catalogue image: Fordson Major Tractor, Britains 128F


Although the tractor was not clockwork, it could be coupled to a trailer containing a clockwork motor.

Britains Set 139F: Fordson Major Tractor with Driver and Mechanical Trailer
Britains Set 137F: Fordson Major Tractor with Driver, Mechanical Clockwork Trailer, and Tipping Hay Cart with removable Hay Racks

Ford and Britains

Although not technically an authorised or promotional model, the 1958 catalogue says:

"We are indebted to the Ford Motor Co., Ltd. for their assistance in producing these scale models"

, so it seems likely that Ford might have supplied Britains with plans for the tractor on request, and probably also supplied plans to other toymakers interested in making model tractors (the very nice 1:16-scale Chad Valley model being a likely candidate).

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