Vosper double-screw RAF crash rescue tender boat (Victory Industries)

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Vosper double-screw RAF crash rescue tender boat (Victory Industries)

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A blue boxed battery-powered twin-screw model RAF rescue tender boat, with original box and instruction sheet. Made by Victory Industries Ltd in collaboration with Vosper Ltd, Portsmouth, circa 1954.

The boat is grey, with black hull, RAF markings and white roofing.

Tri-ang, Scalex Boats

After Victory shut down in 1969, Wrenn bought the stocks and tooling for the two popular "Vosper" boats in the range and continued production, with Rovex Tri-ang as distributor.

The boat appears in the 1970 Rovex Tri-ang trade catalogue in the "Scalex Boats" section, listed as "Brand New for 1970", as W30: RAF Crash Tender, with the "W" presumably signifying that it was sourced from Wrenn.

1970: R.A.F. Crash Tender (right), Rovex catalogue image, Vosper boats

1971 catalogue listing:


(Length 16 1/4 ins. -42cm. A superbly detailed replica of the famous crash tender by Vosper, moulded in high impact polystyrene. A powerful electric motor drives twin screws, incorporating forward and reverse. Twin rudders, propeller shafts, tubes and ventilators all in brass. This, coupled with authentic deck fittings and accessories, makes for an extremely realistic model with an excellent performance.

6-volt battery operated. 4 × 1.5 V. Ever-Ready U11 or equivalent (not included).

1971 Tri-ang Wrenn catalogue image, Vosper double-screw RAF crash rescue tender boat


After Tri-ang then went bust, the boat appeared in the January 1974 Wrenn pricelist as a new item for June 1974, as the "R.A.F. Crash Tender (Vosper Double Screw)".

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