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2016 Exhibit

Titania's Palace Postcards (Raphael Tuck)

Queen Titania's Boudoir, Titanias Palace postcard 4521-3, rear (Raphael Tuck).jpg (i)
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Arch Two , Area 19
Antique and Vintage Dollhouse Miniatures (display)
==This exhibit is scheduled to go on display during 2016, as part of the museum's 25th anniversary improvements==,

As well as their series of postcards on The Queen's Dolls' House, the prolific Raphael Tuck company also produced at least two sets of colour Oilette postcards of images of the Titania's Palace dollhouse.

The "Titania's Palace" and "The Queen's Dolls' House" postcards

Interestingly, although Titania's Palace predated Queen Mary's Dolls' House, the Tuck "Titania" postcards seem to be later, as judged by their later set number(s). Another indication that they may be later is that the title, series title and "Oilette" symbol are now overprinted on the postcard image in semitransparent metallic silver ink, a rather nice touch that one can't imagine not being on the prestigious Royal "Queen Mary" card set if it had been on an earlier dollhouse set.

Our current assumption is that the success of the Queen Mary Dollhouse cards encouraged Tuck to produce a similar set for the "Titania" dollhouse.


SET 1:

  • 4521-1: Northern Facade and Grey Fairy
  • 4521-2: Queen Titania's Bedchamber
  • 4521-3: Queen Titania's Boudoir
  • 4521-4: The Day Nursery
  • 4521-5: Hall of the Fairy Kiss (a)
  • 4521-6: Hall of the Fairy kiss (b)
  • 4521-7: Oberon's Study
  • 4521-8: The Throne Room

SET 2: (4522?)

  • 4522-1: The Private Staircase
  • 4522-2: Bedroom of Princess Iris
  • 4522-3: Princess Daphne's Bedroom
  • 4522-4: The Morning Room
  • 4522-5: Oberon's Dressing Room
  • 4522-6: The Dining Room
  • 4522-7: Hall of the Guilds
  • 4522-8: The Chapel

Tuck promotional text (undated)

Titania's Palace Postcards


TITANIA'S PALACE, the home of the Fairy Queen, is designed and described by Major Sir Neville Wilkinson, K.C.V.O.

Titania's Palace is really a gift from the Queen of the Fairies to the children of the world, and is the headquarters from which Fairy Wireless Messages are broadcasted to all children who believe in Fairyland which Titania rules with Oberon, King of the Elves.

The Palace has a magnificent Throne Room, a lovely Hall of the Fairy Kiss, Boudoir, Dining Room, Dressing Room, etc., all furnished to the tiniest detail, and is altogether a most delightful Palace to live in.

We have published in our beautiful "OILETTE" process Two Sets of Postcards of the principal rooms, each set containing eight cards, and these form a delightful adjunct to the QUEEN'S DOLLS' HOUSE POSTCARDS, the colouring of all being equally beautiful.

On every packet sold a Royalty is paid by us to a fund initiated by Sir Neville Wilkinson and devoted to the welfare of helpless crippled children.

— -, Titania's Palace Postcards, Raphael Tuck promotional material

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