Through Station D1, metal (Hornby Dublo 3465)

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Through Station D1, metal (Hornby Dublo 3465)

Through Station D1, metal, Hornby Dublo (MM 1958-01).jpg (i)
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Arch Four , Area 37
Hornby Wall (display)
Shelf 8

An Art Deco-styled cream-coloured painted cast metal Hornby Dublo 3465 Through Station D1 with orange-red canopy.

1958: Through Station D1 advertising image
1958: Advertising image of the Through Station Extension D1 platform section

1950 launch text:

New Hornby-Dublo Accessories

... Taking first the Through Station, the main or centre section carries the station building with its various rooms and offices, doorways and window frames being attractively moulded in relief. To protect the passengers on the platform in bad weather a flat awning extends along the front of the building. Unlike the style followed with many miniature stations, the building is not simply planted on the platform with the rear of the station left to look after itself. Instead the building is extended backward so that an attractive and realistic approach at ground level is afforded. The entrance is central, a neat flight of steps leading up into what would be the main hall of a real station, and then out on the platform itself. Further windows and doorways suggest different departments at ground level, and the entrance from the roadway is completed with a small curved awning. The roof rises in the form of a skylight which would provide ventilation and lighting for the central booking hall in a real structure.

Along the back of the platform, from each end of the building to the lower ends of the platform ramps, runs a wall modelled to represent concrete. On each ramp section a wall carries a station nameboard. Suitable printed labels for affixing to the nameboards are obtainable separately in a packet entitled "Station Names".

— , -, , Meccano Magazine, , September 1950