Silver Jubilee train set No.0 (Hornby)

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Silver Jubilee train set No.0 (Hornby)

Hornby Silver Jubilee Train Set (1939 HBot).jpg Hornby No.0 streamliner, image from Hornby Book of Trains(1939/40) (i)
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A boxed highly stylised and "toylike" clockwork model representation of the streamlined LNER A4 "Pacific" 4-6-2 Silver Jubilee train with locomotive 2509 Silver Link, the first LNER A4 loco to enter service (in 1935).

Promotional and catalogue images

Hornby No.0 streamliner, catalogue image from (1939?)
Hornby No.0 streamliner, catalogue image from (1939?)


This silver and grey model train set that appeared in around ~1936, and this is the only boxed example that we've ever seen. It's effectively an M Series set (complete with M-Series track), but was technically classified as a "No.0" train set, perhaps to reflect the increase in price over the non-streamlined M0 locos.

Starting in 1937, the set was joined by the "No. 0 Streamlined Train Set", which was basically the same set, but in different colours.


To fit onto the small-radius track, the loco and its coaches have been dramatically foreshortened, with the 4-6-2 wheel configuration of the original train compacted down to an almost unrecognisably stubby 0-4-0, and with similar artistic licence applied to the set's hinged coaches.

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