Silver Jubilee streamlined train (Dinky Toys 16)

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Silver Jubilee streamlined train (Dinky Toys 16)

Streamlined Train Set, Dinky Toys 16 (MCat 1939).jpg Dinky Toys No.16, Streamlined Train Set (i)
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A silver diecast model of the LNER streamlined A4 Silver Jubilee Train Set, Dinky Toys 16.

The model was launched in 1936, and while early packaging referred to it explicitly as a "Silver Jubilee Train Set" the same basic model was produced in different colours over the years (such as green, or blue-and-black) to reflect current A4 locomotive colour schemes, and the naming dropped down to the more oblique "Streamlined Train S et", to reflect the existence of other A4-hauled trains, and the fact that the Silver Jubilee itself ceased operation in ~1939.

This example is pre-war, in silver with blue undercarriage, nose and loco roof.


Dinky Toys #16 also sported an articulated double-carriage, which was a reference to the arrangement introduced in the Silver Jubilee train, where linked pairs of carriages would share a common central bogey. The rear carriage has a hook that allowed further double-carriages to be attached, but since the loco and its two trailing cars didn't seem to have their own catalogue numbers, the only obvious way of buying more double-carriages was to buy more complete sets.

The locomotive and its tender were cast as a single piece, and the first carriage had a semicircular concave "bite" out of its rear into which the second carriage fitted, to produce the effect of a single smoothly articulated double-carriage without a central gap.

The visible cast wheels on the loco and coaches were part of the castings and strictly for show: the model's real wheels are rubber-tyred, and tucked away safely behind them.


This example doesn't have any associated packaging, but The Hornby Companion Series Vol.4 shows a reference picture of a boxed Dinky Silver Jubilee train set ("Dinky Toys ... 250 varieties") with a blue and white picture lid, and nice green scenic countryside background inside the box.

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Dinky Toys No.16 - Streamlined Train Set (1939 Meccano Catalogue 1939)

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