Restaurant Car E1939, BR (Hornby Dublo 4071)

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Restaurant Car E1939, BR (Hornby Dublo 4071)

Restaurant Car E1939, corridor, Hornby Dublo 4071 (DubloCat 1963).jpg (i)
BTMM map 037.gif
Arch Four , Area 37
Hornby Wall (display)
Shelf 7

A maroon-coloured BR Restaurant Coach, marked W1910, (Hornby-Dublo model number 4071), made by Meccano Ltd. in the early 1960s.

This and the brown-and-cream "BR Western Region" version, Hornby-Dublo 4070 were introduced as "NEW!" in the 1963 Hornby Dublo catalogue.

1963 catalogue illustration

1963 image, Hornby Dublo 4071, BR Corridor Restaurant Car

Catalogue description, 1963

" These Corridor Restaurant Cars, newcomers to the range of Hornby-Dublo, are delightful reproductions in miniature, incorporating the distinctive features of the real vehicles. The bodywork is of all-metal construction and they incorporate plastic mouldings representing the kitchen section, seating and tables, all correctly disposed for the type of car represented. "

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