Pickfords Removals Van, wooden (G and J Lines)

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Pickfords Removals Van, wooden (G and J Lines)

Pickfords removal lorry, G J Lines.jpg (i)
BTMM map 072.gif

Arch Two , Area 72
Arch Two, Overhead

A dark green wooden 1920s-style Pickfords removals lorry with open roofed cab, small steering wheel, black runningboards over the front wheels, and red hubcaps.

The van has a curved roof, and its rear has a pair of dark (canvas?) curtains and a hinged tailboard.

The container section is marked "PICKFORDS" at the front, above the cab, and the sides are marked "REMOVERS AND STORERS" / "PICKFORDS LD" / "BRANCHES IN ALL PARTS" in (white?) with two horizontal red separating lines.

The top of the silver radiator grille carries a circular printed badge "G & J L LTD LONDON", and the bottom has the printed numberplate T2246.

Radiator Grille detail, showing G&J Lines' "thistle" logo

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