Pickfords Removals Trailer, wooden (G and J Lines)

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Pickfords Removals Trailer, wooden (G and J Lines)

Pickfords removal lorry, G J Lines.jpg (i)
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Arch Two , Area 72
Arch Two, Overhead

A dark green wooden 1920s-style Pickfords removals trailer with two fixed rear wheels and a pair of swivelling forward wheels attached to a thick wire towframe.

The trailer has a curved roof, and its rear has a pair of dark (canvas?) curtains and a hinged tailboard, matching the payload section of the Pickford van that it's designed to be towed behind.

Early containerisation?

The part of the trailer above the chassis seems so similar to the equivalent part of the van ( with apparently identical dimensions and lettering) that it's not clear whether this represents a piece of design efficiency on the part of G&J Lines, or on the part of Pickfords' designer, or whether the payload sections of both vehicles were supposed to represent a single identical removable shipping container.

The Pickfords lorry and its add-on trailer are both very very rare, and seeing the two together is even more unusual.

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