LNER 504 2-4-0 clockwork locomotive with tender (Bing Table Railway)

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LNER 504 2-4-0 clockwork locomotive with tender (Bing Table Railway)

BTMM map 048.gif
Arch Three , Area 48
Bing Table Railway (display)
Shelf 5

A green 1920s very early 00-gauge clockwork London and North Eastern Railway 2-4-0 locomotive with tender.

The locomotive cab side is marked "504" in a black white-outlined oval, and the small tender is marked LNER 504. The loco is not to be confused with the other Bing Table Railway, also numbered 504, but a tank loco.

This was part of the Bing Table Railway range produced by Bing, designed by Oswald Fischer of Bing in conjunction with Henry Greenly of Bassett-Lowke Ltd.

BTR "tender" locos

Bing seem to have simplified the design process for their range by making the "tender" version of their loco as similar in proportions as possible to the "tank" version, losing the small coal store at the back of the cab and stretching the length of the cab to compensate. The two rectangular side-tanks on the tank version are replaced on the tender loco with two high oversized curved-fronted splashguards, which, while not quite as bulky as the side-tanks, provided almost as much side-space for the comparatively bulky mechanisms.