LMS Goods Train set with loco 5049 (Trix Twin Railway 2/324)

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LMS Goods Train set with loco 5049 (Trix Twin Railway 2/324)

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Arch Four , Area 43
00-gauge Miscellaneous (display)
Shelf 4

A Trix Twin Railway (TTR) LMS Goods Train set, No.2/324, in its original dark red box with yellow "flash".


The set consists of a short black 0-4-0 goods locomotive, number 5049, with a black LMS tender and four additional pieces of tinplate rolling-stock:

  • low-sided LMS open truck
  • cylindrical oil tank
  • high-sided LMS truck
  • brown guard's van

Black and white catalogue pictures show the oil tank as being light-coloured, and marked "Esso" - the tank in this set is red, marked "Shell Oil", and has a side-ladder. also, the guard's van in the catalogue has a large LMS on its side, whereas this one, although of the same design, doesn't have the lettering (at least, not on the side that is visible).

Otherwise, the set seems to correspond to the 1939 catalogues.

The box

The train set's box is long enough to hold the loco, tender and running-stock in a single line along the centre row of the box, each in their own small compartments.

The row above is blanked off with a single long yellow placeholder card showing the side view of a train with mild perspective, and the words "SPACE FOR YOUR SECOND TRAIN" in block capitals.

The TTR system allowed separate control of two locomotives on a single section of three-rail track, so including the space for a second train gave Trix an excuse to supply the set in a bigger, more impressive box, and also gave the owner a constant reminder that if they didn't have a second train, they were perhaps missing out.

The lowest row of the box has five sections, the leftmost square compartment holds a controller, and again, the rightmost square section has a blanking piece marked, "SPACE FOR SECOND CONTROLLER". the two longer rectangular boxes were probably meant for storing rails

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