George the Steiff Bear

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Star Exhibit

George the Steiff Bear

George the Steiff Bear.jpg George the Steiff Bear (i)

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Arch Two , Area 10
Teddybears' Picnic (display)

George is a classic large ginger Steiff Bear made in circa ~1910, making him over 100 years old. He has an engagingly daft look on his face. We think he's cool.

He lives in a glass cabinet in Arch Two with a gang of his beary brethren, having a Teddybears' Picnic .

George is a happy-looking bear!

Manufacture and materials

George was handmade by Steiff in a town in Germany called Giengen.

His fur is made of mohair plush, or more specifically Angora goat wool, which is probably not the most cuddly by today's standards.

He is stuffed with "wood wool", comprised of very long, fine wood shavings. The pads of his feet are made of felt and his eyes and claws are made of black boot buttons made of moulded wood pulp or metal. His cute nose is embroidered onto his face with either wool or silk thread.


George was/is the bear of the museum founder Chris Littledale, and before that belonged to his father.