Furniture Container (Hornby Dublo)

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Furniture Container (Hornby Dublo)

Low-sided Wagon with Furniture Container D1, Hornby Dublo 4647 (HDBoT 1959).jpg 1959 catalogue image (i)
BTMM map 037.gif
Arch Four , Area 37
Hornby Wall (display)
Shelf 9

A red British Railways 00-gauge Hornby-Dublo Furniture Container.

The container was designed to work either with the Dublo low-sided wagon or with the Dublo Dinky Bedford flatbed trucks, and has a top eyebolt that lets it be used with the Hornby Dublo Goods Shed crane. It was supplied with the Low-sided Wagon as a single item, with catalogue number 4647.

Catalogue image

1963 catalogue image: Hornby Dublo 4647 Low-sided Wagon, with Furniture Container
The furniture container in action, being lifted by a Goods Shed crane onto a Low-sided Wagon

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