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The Hornby Dublo Low-sided Wagon D1 was a popular piece of rolling-stock, originally launched in 1954, and available either alone or with a variety of loads.


Produced in grey and in brown, the wagon was often sold loaded with Cable Drums, but also played an important role in bridging the Dublo and Dublo Dinky Toys ranges by carrying a shipping container (which also fitted onto the Dublo Dinky Bedford Flatbed trucks), or a Dunky Dublo tractor, and owners could also press other Dublo Dinky vehicles into service as loads.

However, the tractor was a good choice as a load, because it was the sort of vehicle that would often be transported by rail rather than by road (or by car-carrier), and because "road vehicle" loads would tend to be new vehicles being transported from the factory, and a tractor design wasn't likely to look as "date-specific" as a new car.