Duchess of Gloucester locomotive 6225 (Bassett-Lowke)

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Duchess of Gloucester locomotive 6225 (Bassett-Lowke)

Duchess of Gloucester 6225 Bassett-Lowke.jpg The Museum's period "Duchess of Gloucester" Coronation-Class loco running on the gauge 0 layout during Train Running Day (i)
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Arch Three , Area 1
1930s Model Railway Layout


A maroon and gold-striped gauge 0 model of the streamlined, bullet-nosed 4-6-2 "Pacific" Coronation/Duchess class LMS "Duchess of Gloucester" locomotive, running number 6225, designed by Sir William Stainer.

This model was made by Bassett-Lowke in around ~1939.

Bassett-Lowke "Duchess of Gloucester", during one of the museum's Train Running Days

The original locomotive

6225 Duchess of Gloucester was the first of the second batch of five Coronation Class locomotives to be built, finished between May and September 1938. Unlike the first batch of five (which were finished in blue and silver), the second batch were red and gold to be a closer match to the company's normal livery, and it was probably assumed that they'd be hauling the new second-generation sets of red-and-gold Coronation Scot carriages, whose entry into service was confounded by the outbreak of World War Two.

6225 was completed in May 1938, and decommissioned in 1964. This batch was followed by a run of non-streamlined locomotives, after which the works produced another batch of streamliners. All streamlining was eventually stripped.

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