Diesel Co-Bo locomotive D5702 (Hornby Dublo 2233)

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Diesel Co-Bo locomotive D5702 (Hornby Dublo 2233)

Co-Bo Diesel-Electric Locomotive D5702, Hornby-Dublo 2233 3233 (DubloCat 1963).jpg (i)
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Arch Four , Area 37
Hornby Wall (display)
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A green diecast two-rail BR Type 2 Metropolitan-Vickers prototype Diesel Co-Bo Locomotive D5702 (Hornby-Dublo model number 2233), with grey roof and white floor-stripe and plastic windows, from the early 1960s. The model was announced in Meccano Magazine in December 1961.

1963 catalogue image, D5702 experimental diesel locomotive, Hornby Dublo 2233

The original locomotive

Locomotive D5702 was one of a set of twenty Metropolitan Vickers Class 2 locomotives (BR Class 28) built in 1958-59.

This experimental loco class locomotive had the odd distinction of having different wheel configurations for each of its two bogies – one was six-wheel, and the other four-wheel, giving rise the wheel classification "Co-Bo".

The distinctiveness of the design (for UK railways) meant that the locomotive ended up being modelled by a number of manufacturers, and was even used as a character on Thomas the Tank Engine (as a diesel engine called "Bo-Co").

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Tri-ang Hornby

The two-rail Dublo Co-Bo locomotive survived into the 1965 Tri-ang Hornby transitional brochure, as R.2233.