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Skybirds support vehicles.

As with the rest of the range, when a Skybirds model was discontinued the number was re-used, with a letter suffix to distinguish the new model from its predecessor. So the Military Ambulance 33 was replaced by the Civilian Ambulance 33A, the Air Mail Van 34 was replaced by an Air Mail Car 34A, the Breakdown Crane Truck 35 got replaced by a Three-wheel Refuelling Tender 35A, which in turn was replaced by a Four-Wheel Petrol Lorry 35B, followed by a Six-Wheeler Petrol Tanker 35C.

Support vehicles

  • 31 – Fire Tender
  • 33 – Ambulance
  • 33A – Civilian Ambulance
  • 34 – Air Mail Van
  • 34A – Air Mail Motor
  • 35 – Breakdown Tender
  • 35A – 3-wheel Aircraft Refuelling Tender – (Oct 1936)
  • 35B – 4 wheel Petrol Lorry
  • 36 – 6-wheel Petrol Tender – (Jan 1935)